With this economy, it has become quite hard for airlines to stay afloat and keep providing a service that is still well appreciated by us passengers. Although it is understandable that they have to juggle their responsibilities some have left their customers wanting more, while others have achieved keeping them happy.

So, what do we mean by “best”? Well those who can provide a low-priced ticket, followed by a friendly staff, and reasonable schedules. Sometimes it becomes some sort of a timing game when you’re trying to find cheap prices online but even though most people don’t want to spend too much money on plane tickets they also want to receive a decent service.  

The top pick is Southwest Airlines with flights in 59 cities all over the country this has been a favorite airlines for many years. Their excellent customer service has awarded them recognition along the years. They also are known as “the” low-fare airlines although nowadays they do have some competition. They also provide discounted tickets for children and a frequent flyer program where people can have access to discounted prices. They’re also known for not offering any type of meals, which is one of the reasons they are able to provide low fares, but this is compensated with the great customer service they have.

The second pick is JetBlue Airlines, which was awarded with the Best Domestic Airlines recognition by many travel
reviewers in 2010. Many other airlines have started charging extra fees for carry-on and bags but JetBlue didn’t which has awarded them with positive points. They are also offering boarding priority to those customers who buy extra legroom seats for $45, which is a great deal since boarding the plane, can be a pain for the customer.

And the third pick is Virgin America, which has always ranked high as one of the most affordable domestic airlines. They have been successful with their hip and young marketing campaign trying to attract a younger crowd. Their customer service has become like a breath of fresh air and also seems to be young and very friendly. The inside of the plane seems more like a nightclub and this idea really appeals to young people. Their prices are very affordable and you can upgrade to first class for as low as $50 if the seats are available. Most of their planes are very new and the inside is pretty much impeccable once you board. Also, the entertainment options have been enhanced since there is TV, games, and chatting features available to all passengers.

On your next domestic trip make sure to check the websites for these three airlines and compare prices before you choose. Whichever you choose you will most likely be satisfied with the service you will receive.

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